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by Parachute Journalists

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A collection of songs by Parachute Journalists


released October 24, 2012

Adam Wagner, Jeff Finley, Jeff Steinwachs



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Parachute Journalists Cleveland

Parachute Journalists is a three piece indie/folk/pop punk band from Cleveland, OH featuring Adam Wagner, Jeff Finley, and Jeff Steinwachs. 2008-2011

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Track Name: Hitler
Oh I felt sorry for myself all day. I felt sorry for myself all day. I felt sorry for myself all day. I couldn't do much of anything.

Sure, I played tennis with my roommate, and I bought sugar to make granola, and I smiled at the waitress at Ponte Vecchio. She was listening to her iPod and she didn't see me. Yeah, I didn't want her to see me.

'Cause I felt sorry for myself all day. I felt sorry for myself all day. I felt sorry for myself all day. I couldn't do much of anything.

So I started to think about some people I hate and how much better I am then them. I saw myself with handful of hand grenades that I would roll under their beds in order to take the lead in puritan race with hundreds of millions of decedents, so my grandkids know who to thank, and so no one will ever forget I wrote this awesome song for the parade in honor of my success!

Oh my God, what horrible things!
Oh my God, such terrible things!
I must be a bad person to think such bad things.
I want everybody to die!

Mach es dir selber!
Mach es dir selber!
Track Name: 24th of January
Who says the words with my mouth?
Who looks out with my eyes?
Who hears the morning dove first?
And only then the silence of the night?

I've tried everything with a clue
I've turned left seven times
But as soon as I woke up again
I realized I might as well have turned right.

Oh! Could the -
Answer come on this credit card?
My name stamped in from behind
If that is really all we are
Looks like I've wasted a lifetime…

So I will keep this music a secret.
The chords & the keys will be my diary
holding melodies to tangle up my demons,
and I will only sing when I need them.

Try it!
Walkin' quick toward the stadium,
or out a bus window.
Everything close to you moves fast,
but all the rest of it goes sloooow.

And ain't that just like the seasons,
Or a bedroom full of steam?
There's an abundance of bitterness
Any time you’re looking for something sweet.

But you -
Can't think about it all that much,
Or you'll never fall asleep.
Yeah you'll be -
Standing in that Monday mirror
Still waiting for the end of the week.

You're -
Better off with an empty mind,
yea better keep your conscience clean;
On those long miles of boredom
broken only with breaths of nicotine.

Yea I saw the pictures on Facebook,
But no, I didn't go.
I had already buried her in the past,
no need to watch her decompose.

No this -
Happiness is not for the weak.
I'll tell you it takes some work.
To only remember things that make it better,
instead of all the stuff that makes it worse.

I'm getting pretty good though -
Sometimes I surprise myself.
If she kissed me today,
I'd be surprised if she couldn't tell.

So I will keep this music a secret.
The chords & the keys will be my diary
holding melodies to tangle up my demons,
and I will only sing when I need them.

Yah I will keep this song a secret
so from the start to the end
you'll hear sweet silence
and it will quiet
all of my demons
and I will only
sing when I need them.
Track Name: Arrhythmia
Like a pendulum on a grandfather clock
It could be the end if my heart wants to stop
Like a four on the floor in a west sixth club
My body can’t live if my heart doesn’t pump
And the internet calls in arrhythmia
But I think it just means I could die kind of young

So with this stuttering heart and all our history
I fell back with a girl who's in love with me
I didn’t really know what I was doing
I just took the bait and I lost the beat

But I saw Jamie at the show on Saturday night
I couldn’t look too long cause I knew I’d go blind
She left an afterimage of herself on my eyes
And that’s the kind of hurt I can’t go through twice

So just pass another cup of that bubblegum stuff
A few more and I should be able to stand up by myself
Another Sunday morning still kind of drunk
Another Sunday night with no one to touch

That’s when I noticed I was trying to romanticize it
By looking for something good in my bad habits
Now I only break my rules on the weekend
And holidays and anytime I might feel like it

So please don’t say no wonder you’re sad
‘cause I would do these things no matter what happens
And don’t be stupid I’m really not that bad
I see you in the morning; give you a call when I get back.
Track Name: Heroes
An artist I used to work with said "I've got some advice for you. Your heroes don't respect you. They could care less about you." That's not some advice I said it's just a load of crap instead. I'll show you that's not true. I'm gonna work hard and prove to you that not everyone in this world is an asshole. Not everyone in this world is a jerk. There are people out there that really do care. You just have to know where to look.

This punk rock kid I looked up to played in a band I listened to. He was an inspiration; led to my bands formation. I sent my art to him, I thought here's my chance to get involved. He shoved it back in my face.
Said my work was a disgrace. So that guy from my favorite band was an asshole. He had no idea how much his words could hurt. I said I loved his band but he didn't seem to care that he took my heart and threw it in the dirt.

Then there's this guy from this awesome record label. I asked to play a song from my band’s shitty demo
He said, "No way, I don’t care about your band, why don’t you folks understand that it's all about they money? I don’t wanna be your friend, but you can be my fan! I’ll take your donation, and act like I'm thankful, but in the end, we won't remember you.

I'm putting my faith in honesty. I'm gonna try my best and the world will see I'm hopeful, I'm young, and I'm strong. I'm putting my faith in humanity not to treat their friends like commodities cause that's bullshit, fucked up, and fucking wrong.

I still go to shows, to see my favorite bands. I try to meet them afterwards, and I always shake their hands. I tell them they did great, with my honest appreciation. I want to open up and have a candid conversation. But they're not looking for that. No, they want to move on fast to the kid with the patches on his hat. He's gonna buy their merch and their CD, when all I want is honesty. But that never seems to come for free. Oh, why does this shit bother me!?

The temptation has come and gone not to give up on the scene. Whatever happened to positivity and building community? As I jadedly sing this song, there's this kid in the front row pounding his fist against his heart, it makes me believe that this it what it's all about! The songs that make us sing and shout! The real heroes here are all around me! Yeah, my heroes here are all around me! My real heroes here, please don't give up on me!
Track Name: Andrew Jackson
Boy oh boy American history is great
We don't use words like genocide
or racial hate
My name is Andrew Jackson
and we're marching down this trail
we're going west, we're going east
we're going straight to hell

One day they will call this trek
the trail of tears
but your children won't learn
my name to be one they fear
My exploits will be skimmed over
in their history class
only to be forgotten once
the students pass

Well he is Andrew Jackson
and we worship his strife
he once shot a man
and he stole his wife
And when he marches into town
He'll shut all the banks down
and run your injuns all around
cuz he is Andrew Jackson!

Native American genocide
sure was a gosh darn shame
but its so great that we ignore it
so there's none is to blame
and just like the Japanese
internment during world war two
it's so great that we ignore
the awful shit that we do
Track Name: 10 Lives
If I had three lives
I'd be an artist with a sharp eye
Sleep in the subtlety and hairlines

That define the edge of a brush stroke
that paint the shank of a shadow
lengthening from my colored memory

Then on canvas stretched in front of me
I'd paint all the things that I'd see

If I had three lives

If I had four lives
I'd be a soldier just to see what it's like
to get pushed up against the front line

That connects our heads in a row
for an enemy to pick which to blow
backwards into the mud.

Yea - I'd be scared as shit and playing dead
let's get on with number five instead

if I make it out alive

If I had five lives
I'd be a scientist with a Nobel Prize
a button down shirt and a tro-o-phy wife
to kiss my thoughts far from the answers
make me dumb with classy passion
higher than happiness

Then quotients would upright themselves
and mystery's secrets would tell
how to get eight lives.

If I had eight lives
i'd be a poet with an appetite
for seeds of truth beneath the ripening vine
but in this field of language
and without a sun beneath a canopy
the seeds dry up and only lies can grow

I'd sit empty in an empty field
with a pulse a paper and a pencil

and I'd write in rhyme

So I wrote this girl had nine lives
down a rabbit hole to meet a feline
telling lies and blowing smoke right through its smile
which eventually was all that was left
a grin midair in nonsense
at the end in the courtyard with the queen

But i'd get tired of all this silliness
and write the end with death built in

cuz I can't live again

But if I had a tenth live
I'd sing like this and you'd harmonize
and we'd fall asleep in history

Yea we'd meet like we did freshmen year
just waiting for the other to appear
standing outside the dormitory door